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Project Salient Features

Location & River
Located on Neelum River (near confluence of Jagran River)
Project Site Approx. 70 KM from Muzaffarabad Capital of AJ&K
Power & Energy
Capacity 300 MW
Turbine type Vertical Francis
Turbine No./Capacity 5 x 60 MW
Annual Energy 1346.63 GWh
Plant Factor 51.85 %
Gross head 117 m
Mean Annual flow 219.9 m3/sec
Design discharge 309 m3/sec
Type Reinforced Concrete
Height 20 m
Crest Width 92 m
Design flood Q10000 5545 m3/sec
Nos. of Gates 6
Headrace Tunnel
Tunnel Section Horseshoe Concrete lined
Tunnel Diameter 10.6 m
Design discharge 309 m3/sec
Length up to surge tank 6840 m
Powerhouse & Electrical equipment
Type Underground
Generators Five (5) Nos. Vertical Shaft Synchronous
Rated output 70.6 MVA
Rated power factor 0.85
Rated voltage 11 kV
Rated speed 272.7 rpm
Generator Transformers Sixteen (15+1) Nos. single phase each rated 23.67MVA
Type Modified Concrete Lined Horseshoe Tunnel
Length 160 m
Diameter 10.6 m
Transmission Line
220 kV Double Circuit to Mansehra or Alliot or Chakoti HPP Grid Station
Project Access Facilities
Access road from construction camp to weir 2.0 km
Powerhouse to construction camp 0.8 km
Weir Site to Disposal Site 0.6 km
Project Construction Schedule
Completion Time 60 months