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Ashkot Hydropower Project comprises of the following hydro-mechanical and electrical equipment.

Mechanical Equipment

Power Station:
Turbines, Inlet Valves and Governors
EOT Bridge Crane for Power Station
Gantry Crane for Draft Tube Gates
Cooling Water System
Drainage and Dewatering System
Compressed Air System
Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning System
Oil Handling and Purification System
Workshop Equipment
Draft Tube Gates

Hydraulic Steel Structures Weir:
Under Sluice Radial Gates
Gantry Crane

Trashrack, Stoplogs, Gates
Trashrack Cleaner

Stoplogs and Flushing Gates

Power Intake:
Intake Gate at Tunnel Portal

Steel Liner:
Steel Liner / Manifold for horizontal pressure tunnel

Electrical Equipment

5 Nos. vertical shaft synchronous generators (70.58 MVA)
Static excitation system
Generator circuit breakers
Generator segregated 12 kV bus duct
Single phase step-up transformer banks
Station service and auxiliary transformers
Station power supply switchgear
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) equipment
220 kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)
Fire alarm and protection system