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The project area is distinctly spread on a 12 km intermediate stretch of Neelum River around Kundal Shahi village in District Neelum. The access to the project area is from Muzaffarabad through the Neelum valley road leading towards Athmuqam. The approximate distances for the two alternative routes to Muzaffarabad are:
Alt. 1: Islamabad-Murree-Kohala Bridge-Muzaffarabad 150 km.
Alt. 2: Islamabad-Abbottabad-Bassian-Garhi-Habibullah-Muzaffarabad – 235 km
The weir of the Project is located some 2 Km upstream of Jagran confluence near Salkhala Village and the Power House is located some 6 km downstream of Jagran confluence near Ghel Nullah. The geographical coordinates are:
Location Coordinates
Weir 34°33’25” N latitude and 73°52’36” E longitude
Powerhouse 34°29’54” N latitude and 73°50’26” E longitude