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1 Stream Flow Hydrological studies have been carried out to plan the proposed project for an optimal development of hydropower scheme on Neelum River. The mean monthly flow at Ashkot project site based on a study of a study of 49 years hydrological data is 219.9 m3/sec. The flow in April, May, June, Jul, Aug and Sep is 307, 555, 639 477, 266 and 120 m3/sec respectively; while for the remaining six months it remains below 100 m3/sec. The maximum mean annual flow observed during the period of record was 316 m3/sec (1987) while the lowest was 76 m3/sec in 2001. The selected design discharge is 309 m3/sec (61.8 m3/sec per turbine) and the flow duration curve for the 49 year period shows that the selected design flow of 309 m3/sec is available for 27.4% of the time which is in the range of optimized discharge for any hydropower plant connected to the National Grid. The available length of hydrological record provides a sound basis for stream flow, plant sizing and energy estimation.
2 Flood In most of the civil engineering water control projects, design flood is one of the important factors to estimate before the project is taken up. The proposed Ashkot HPP site is located on the Neelum River, which is the major eastern tributary of the Jhelum River basin. 1000-year frequency flood is selected as a design flood for Ashkot HPP and flood frequency analysis was carried out to estimate the flood at project site. Analysis of instantaneous peak river flows results in a flood peak of 5,545 m3/sec for the 10,000 years annual return period using the Log Pearson III method; these values have been adopted for the design of weir. 2552 cumecs flood is selected as diversion flood against 25 year return period at weir site. The mean monthly flow and average annual flows estimated at Ashkot weir site for the period 1963 to 2011 are presented in Figure 1.1 and 1.2 respectively. The annual flow variation is from 103 m3/sec to 358 m3/sec.

Figure – 1.1: Mean Monthly Flows – Neelum River at Ashkot Weir Site

Figure – 1.2: Annual Flows – Neelum River at Ashkot Weir Site

The monthly flows so available at Ashkot weir site for Post Kishanganga project are presented in Figure-1.3. The mean monthly flows vary from 27.4 to 638.7 m3/sec. The net mean annual flow of Neelum river at Ashkot weir site available for power generation is estimated as 219.7 m3/sec.

Figure – 1.3: Mean Monthly Flows – Neelum River at Ashkot Post Kishanganga
The annual flows of Neelum River vary from 72 to 312 m3/sec as presented in the Figure – 1.4
Figure – 1.4: Annual Flows – Neelum River at Ashkot for Post Kishanganga
Flow Duration Curve


Figure – 1.5: Net Flow Duration Curve–Neelum River at Project Site
The mean annual flow of Neelum river at dam site is 219.9 m3/sec. The design discharge of 309m3/sec is available for about 27.4% of time of the year.