About Us

Laraib Group

The leading renewable energy developer in Pakistan with a tight focus on hydropower development led by entrepreneurs Aziz M. Khan (late) and Khalid Faizi. The Group has proven capability to identify, conceive, license, design, finance, construct, commission and operate hydropower projects.

The Group comprises a series of companies and businesses in common ownership of the Principals who, either directly or through group companies, hold a significant interest and/or actively participate in the management.

In House Capability

Strong in-house capability to deal with technology, finance, economics, engineering, environmental science and power development science. We have proven capability for project identification, licensing, tariff approval, concession documents, O&M, CDM, finance & security documentation, equity arrangement and project financing. The public relations department is resourceful and active, providing strong support to the project execution team through active working relationships with relevant stakeholders.