Azad Pattan Power Private Limited is the owner and developer of 700.7 MW hydroelectric power generating complex located on the River Jhelum near the village of Muslimabad in district Sudhnoti, AJ&K, some 7 km upstream of the Azad Pattan bridge having coordinates of 33˚46’33.8" N and 73˚33’48.9" E. The site is about 90 km from Islamabad, capital city of Pakistan; connected with the rest of the Country through good road network with relatively easy access to the Site.

Azad Pattan HPP is one of five projects within the River Jhelum cascade and the reservoir capacity and generation potential of each project is influenced by the water levels determined by the Cascade Study commissioned by the PPIB. The River Jhelum can be subjected to extreme flood events due to intense monsoon rainfall within the catchment area and the crest of the RCC dam substantially comprises spillway to discharge the possible maximum flood.

The Project is being developed under the Government of Pakistan Policy for Power Generation 2002 (as adopted by AJ&K) on Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) basis, whereby it would be transferred to the Government of AJ&K free of cost at the end of a 30-year concession term.

The Project development work started in 2005 when reconnaissance study and site investigation was carried out leading to detailed proposal to PPIB in 2006 leading to issuance of Letter of Interest in 2007 requiring the Company to conduct a feasibility. URS Scott Wilson UK/USA was commissioned to carry out the bankable feasibility study which was completed and approved by PPIB Panel of Experts in December 2011. Thereafter the Company submitted its tariff petition to NEPRA and received feasibility stage tariff determination in 2016.

This led to issuance of Letter of Support (LOS) by PPIB on 30 June 2016, execution of EPC contract and determination of EPC Stage tariff by NEPRA in October 2018. Financial close was required by 30 June 2018 but due to delays in tariff and other consents was extended to 30 June 2019. The process was further delayed due to apparent over supply of electricity in Pakistan and a supply/demand study which was required to determine the actual supply and demand of electricity in Pakistan. Financial close is now expected by 30 June 2020 under LOS, duly extended under the terms and conditions contained therein.

The Project cost of US$ 1.35 billion, which is under US$ 2 million per MW is the lowest for any hydropower scheme in Pakistan leading to the lowest tariff of any scheme as shown below:

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